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5 Time management tips for working single moms!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

To raise a child single-handedly is extremely stressful. As a single mom, you have the sole responsibility for all aspects of day to day care of your children. When I became a single mom of two young children, I came to the realization of time is not on my side. I had to learn. to manage my time wisely. Too, may feel like time is not on your side . You may often feel like you are rushing through your day because you have so much to do. It often feels that there's never enough time to get all the things in your ever ending list. If you are one of those, struggling to spend some quality time, continue reading to get time management tips for single working moms.

1. Let Go The Perfection

Concepts like perfection doesn't exist in motherhood. And it absolutely, positively doesn't exist in single motherhood. Therefore there's no point in stressing yourself out over the load of laundry left undone, or the few dishes left in the sink. Instead of forcefully cleaning the house and getting everything perfectly done, try to make more practical use of your time. Like spending quality time with the kids. I know it is hard for some of us to accept this but we have to.

2. List Your Things According To The Priorities

It's a common thought process to put off items we really don't feel like doing. I am guilty of this. I often try to avoid doing things I know are necessary to do because of I don't like doing them, or because I am intimidated by them. But the best thing you can do is to just do it. Do it even if you don't want, do it even if you don't feel like and do it even if you're afraid of what the outcome may be. if it is essential, if it is a must, then get it done and cross it off. It will help you through with the much easier tasks throughout your day or week.

3. Have a calendar

As single parents everywhere can attest, time is our most precious commodity. And attempting to juggle the demands on it like work, chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking, exercising, keeping up with your child’s academic responsibilities can be overwhelming, exhausting, and sometimes entirely defeating. Unless, of course, you have a plan and well-established hacks that work for you. Have a calendar, it can be an old fashion paper calendar, an app or a google calendar. In your calendar write down appointments, school events, kids recitals, presentation and check it daily to make sure you do not miss anything.

4. Prepare Everything A Day In Advance

Prepare for your week in advance. Take one day of the week to do some meal preps for the week. And prepare things for the kids the night before. If your kids take lunch to school, make lunches the night before. Place everything they'll need by the door at night so they can just grab and go right out the door when it's time to leave for daycare or school.

5. Include your kids in chores

I used to believe being a mom meant being super human. I thought I had to be responsible for absolutely chore in the house. and I also would not let my children do any chores because I did not think they would do them properly and I did not want to take time out of my strenuous schedule to correct their mistakes. I realized I was doing both me and them a disservice. Because if I do not allow them to try and make mistake while doing chores, they would never learn to do things for themselves. And if I insist on doing everything, I would never get rest. If your children are older than 3 years old I would encourage you to make everyday chores part of that special time you share together. You can turn cooking into fun life lessons. You can sing a clean up song with them while helping them picking up their toys and clean their rooms. My daughter is 9 years old, she loves to help me cook. She likes to help me measure, pour, and stir ingredients. She is more likely to eat anything she helps me cook. Whatever your children can help you do, let them. It will benefit both of you in the long run. And remember, mama not to beat yourself up when the balancing act is crumbling. Don't sweat the small stuff. You can do this, take a deep breath, reset as often as you have to and do the best you can.

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