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5 Tips For Single Moms To Eating Healthier Minus The Pressure

Mamas, a few weeks ago I write a blog post about exercising and a few of you reached out and asked me to write one about healthy eating. I appreciate the request and any feedbacks you guys may have for me, please keep them coming. Last October, I wrote a blog in regards to establishing healthy eating habits for single moms. If you haven't read it please do, there are some good tips to getting you started on your healthy eating habits path. With that being said, today we are chatting about we can do our best to eat healthy without healthy with pressing ourselves. As a single mom, I know first hand how limited out time is and how finding time to prepare healthy meals can be challenging. Carving out time to meal prep may not seem feasible with everything else that you may have on your plate however, it is beneficial to building healthy eating habits. I notice the weeks that I meal prep I find myself eating healthier. I eat less sweets, less junk foods and drink more water. Evidently feeling better with more energy. The weeks that I don't meal prep, I find myself eating things that are easily accessible such as processed foods, chips, cookies. Yikes.

Many moms have asked how I managed to stay fit and eating healthy while juggling my schedule. I have to say, it takes a great amount of self discipline and me reminding myself that I have stay healthy to stick around to care for my children to keep me motivated. And for those of us mamas who are on a tight budge staying healthy can be real hard. It is too easy to reach for the unhealthy cheap snacks because “real food” is too expensive, I just bought a pound of grape for $3. Madness! Despite all the obstacles, we still owe it to ourselves to do the best we can to take care of us. Below are some of the tips you can use to help you with that.

1. Reject society's expectations, design a plan around your style and ability.

2. Capitalize on time by combining efforts and schedules i.e. meal prep.

3. Maximize resources including getting the children involved in the lifestyle changes.

4. Don't place any unnecessary pressure on yourself.

5. Be kind to yourself, practice self compassion.

It doesn’t matter if you are at risk of gaining weight, currently overweight or already have maintained weight, you can follow some steps to prevent weight gain and related health issues. No one can control the way our body works from inside, but we can learn how to take good care of it and live a healthier lifestyle.

So if a you’re busy, stressed out single mama who wants to lose a few lbs, or trying your best to maintain healthy body weight (I'm right there with you) please follow this straight forward guide to help you start healthier habits. But don’t stress about it, love who you are, in the body, you are in right now! Don’t feel ashamed of it, accept and love your body while you work on it over time to make it healthier, for you. Not for anyone else!

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