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Life Looks Different Now

A.B.Y Personal Coaching 

A Better You is a 6 months long personal one on one coaching session. It is for the divorced mom who needs more support on different areas of her life to evolve in the woman she wants to be. She is ready to acquire the proper tools needed to be the best version of herself, to become financial independent while raising her children and co-parent. Schedule a free 15 minutes consultation to get started. 

Confident Woman

If you are a divorced mom and you are ready to start reinventing, and recreate your life, you are definitely in the right place.  With me as your coach, you will get the tools you need to not only visualize, but also achieve the life you want after divorce, while raising your children in a safe, stable, loving and nurturing environment.


M.S.M Group Coaching

Moms supporting Moms is a transforming 3 months virtual group coaching group meeting virtually once a week.   It is for the divorced mom who wants to be part of a sisterhood like coaching.  She is ready to rebuild herself confidence, self love, self identity while focussing on her emotional and physical care.

In this weekly virtual group calls, you will find resources and tools to help you make authentic and informed choices about your life, about your needs as well as those of your children. We discuss topics  such as child rearing as a single mom, co-parenting, self esteem, loneliness, self love, dating as a single mom, and even blended family ect. 

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